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Member Benefits
Contracted Product

Pathway Purchasing Network provides your organization with flexible and convenient access to specialty products at lower costs through competitive contract pricing and potential rebates.

Pathway Purchasing Network carries an extensive portfolio of Ig and factor products (including Factors VIII and IX), ensuring product access and utilization. In addition, our highly experienced sales representatives can help you with making the initial purchase decisions based on the goals of your organization.

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Reimbursement Support:
Basic Hotline to Complex Case Management

Pathway members have access to special discounted pricing for RxTouchpoints, a quarterly subscription-based reimbursement support program that gives pharmacies and practices more visibility and control over their financial viability. Services range from basic hotline support for non-patient specific billing and coding questions to complex case management led by highly experienced reimbursement experts who specialize in Ig and factor products and who understand how to navigate payer organizations regarding reimbursement for these products.


These support services include:

  • Benefits Investigation

  • Pre-Claim Review

  • Guidance on Prior Authorization

  • Coordination with Patient Assistance Programs (PAP)

  • Alternate Coverage Research

  • Appeals and Denied Claims 

  • Live Reimbursement Education

This is the first program of its kind for specialty pharmacies and practices that not only provides a range of reimbursement services, but allows organizations to pay only for what they actually need and use. 

To learn about special Pathway subscription pricing, contact your sales representative or reach out to the Pathway team. 

Reimbursement Expertise and Complex Case Management

Complex therapies and medications focusing on chronic conditions require intense patient management strategies. Pathway members have access to highly experienced reimbursement counselors who specialize in Factor and IG products and understand how to navigate payer organizations regarding reimbursement for these products. These reimbursement experts provide turn-key support services, including:

  • Benefits investigation

  • Prior authorization support

  • Coding and Billing

  • Claims management

  • Patient assistance and foundation support

In addition, we provided specifically trained reimbursement specialist for management of complex patient cases.

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Clinical Education

Drug shortages and recalls can be unpredictable. Pathway Purchasing Network keeps members up to date on the latest drug, legislative and market changes, and provides targeted on-line education and webinars to help you and your patients overcome barriers to access.​

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Marketing Assistance Programs

Pathway delivers programs and services that support your role in delivering the best clinical outcomes for your patients while also meeting your business objectives. We are pleased to offer special discounted rates on marketing services. Members gain access to an award-winning team that can assist in creating lasting brand representation tailored to your specialized offerings.​

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